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Double Heart Gold

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Double Heart Gold

With Endless Jewelry you are free to choose from unlimited variations to design your individual and unique piece of jewelry. All single Endless elements are compatible. You may, therefore, compose and rearrange your jewelry with regard to color and design any time according to your wishes.

Nothing limits your creativity for the Endless Jewelry bracelet - varieties are literally Endless! The bracelets made from real calf leather come in many different colors and sizes, each version moreover in single-, double- or triple wound to select from. You may start immediately to turn the bracelets into your personal piece of jewelry by fashioning them with charms all made from sterling silver, some in gold, rose gold or trimmed with stones.

Choose the bracelet you like best and decide for your favourite magnetic lock from the large Endless collection. Silver, gold or rose gold charms, many of which gemmed, then grant the unique and individual touch.

Happy designing and Endless fun in living your imagination!

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